Mealtime Swaps: Cauliflower Rice Recipes for Every Meal

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Have you heard of cauliflower rice but not yet taken the plunge? This delicious and easy alternative to traditional white or brown rice is a great way to add some fibre, nutrients, and bulk to a meal without extra carbs or too many calories. Despite being called “rice,” this ingredient is simply cauliflower shredded or chopped into small rice-sized pieces! If you find the right recipes, cauliflower rice will complement your meal perfectly. We’ve rounded up some of the best cauliflower rice dishes for you to try today!

First Things First: Homemade vs. Frozen Cauliflower Rice

You may have seen bags of cauliflower rice in the freezer section at the grocery store, or you may be intimidated by the idea that you should make your own at home. The good news? For the most part, it doesn’t really matter. If you have a food processor or grater, making your own cauliflower rice is easy, quick, and will have slightly less moisture than thawing out a frozen version. With either kind, just make sure to cook or squeeze out the extra water before you use the cauliflower in any recipe where crispiness matters.

Pizza Crust

Who doesn’t love pizza? Who maybe doesn’t love all of the carbs and calories that come with pizza….? For a lower-carb option, try making cauliflower rice crust instead of traditional wheat flour dough. While this may sound difficult, the process is simple. The most important part is remembering to squeeze out excess moisture from the cauliflower so that the crust gets nice and crispy in the oven. This recipe ups the flavour and texture by adding some cheese to the crust mixture, as well. After topping with your favourite pizza goodies, you won’t even taste the cauliflower!

Soups and Stews

Any soup or stew that calls for a rice component can be lightened up by using cauliflower rice instead. If you love comforting homestyle flavours, try this chicken and cauliflower rice soup. Bursting with flavour from all of the sautéed vegetables and aromatics, this soup is great for indulging in comfort food without the carbs. By using cauliflower rice instead of traditional rice or noodles, you’ll feel full without the added calories. For a spicier twist, try a quick version of southern jambalaya. Not only does this recipe substitute cauliflower rice for a healthier dish, but by cooking all of the ingredients as a sheet-pan dinner, you can choose to add broth and simmer later (our favourite!) or just eat as a meal without the soup component. Easy, versatile, and low-carb? Sign us up!

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Fried “Rice”/Stir Fry

One of the most obvious places to substitute cauliflower rice for traditional white or brown rice is in a stir fry or fried rice dish. This swap is even better because the cauliflower rice easily soaks up all of the delicious flavours in these bold dishes, so you end up with very little (if any) actual cauliflower taste. This stir fry recipe is quick and easy to adjust based on the other vegetables and ingredients you have. If fried rice is more your style, this recipe’s steps really layer the flavours to make sure that your cauliflower mixes well with the other bold, rich ingredients.


We don’t often think of vegetables or rice as breakfast foods, but one perk of using cauliflower rice is that it’s so versatile! By mixing it with some milk, you can turn the cauliflower into a creamier oatmeal-like consistency that’s healthy and inviting. This chocolate cauliflower oatmeal recipe is so delicious that even your family and friends will be happy to make the switch to cauliflower for breakfast. By using almond milk and selecting a more nutritious syrup, you can make this meal low-carb, high protein, and gluten- and dairy-free! If you’re craving eggs for breakfast, bulk up a traditional veggie bake or frittata with some cauliflower rice; you’ll get extra vitamins and fibre without having to add any carbs. This cauliflower rice and kale frittata recipe is easy to make and will start your day off right.


If your favourite sushi places are shuttered due to COVID restrictions, now is the perfect time to learn how to make sushi at home! While it won’t be as fancy as the pros, investing in a bamboo rolling mat is the only tool you need to make some delicious sushi in your kitchen. Even better news? Cauliflower rice is a great substitute for the famous sticky rice traditionally used in sushi. This simple recipe will show you how to make your sushi rolls using freshly made cauliflower rice. All that’s left is to decide what fillings and flavours you’ll try!

Whether you’re looking to permanently ditch white rice or just add some extra vegetables to your weekly meals, these cauliflower rice recipes are all fun, easy, and delicious!

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