FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Northern Legendary Construction of Charlie Lake B.C. was awarded the tender for the 2022 sidewalks and streetlights project during a council meeting on Monday.

This project includes installing a sidewalk on the west side of 84th Street from 97th to 100th Avenue, trail lighting next to the CN rail tracks from 100th Street up to and around Garrison Park, and a pedestrian crossing signal on 93rd Street and 94th Avenue.

Councilor Trevor Bolin mentioned in the council meeting and in a Facebook post that residents had brought forward their concerns about the lack of sidewalks and street lights in the area.

“In December, a local resident brought forward concerns about lack of sidewalks and street lights along 84th street and the frustration of many residents in the area over the safety of kids walking to and from parks and schools,” said Bolin’s post.

“Change comes from residents getting and being actively involved with the needs of our community.”

The city received four submissions for this project, all local companies.

The highest bid was from Knappett Industries at over $1 million, while Legendary Construction had the lowest bid at $922,249.83 with GST.

The city has budgeted $1,400,000 for the project, and after engineering fees, there should be a surplus of over $400,000.

According to engineering manager Jim Stewart in a report to council, the project is expected to be completed within the budgeted amount and will begin when weather permits.

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Adam Reaburn is the owner of Moose FM and Adam has been working in broadcasting for over 20 years. Adam and his wife Tammy have lived in Fort St. John for over 18 years.