ICBC is asking drivers to use caution this weekend due to unpredictable weather conditions and increased traffic on the roads.

In a release on Tuesday, ICBC mentioned tips to “create safer roads in the province,” including ensuring you’re not sleepy while getting behind the wheel, especially on longer drives, and taking breaks or switching drivers to avoid getting tired.

Drivers are also advised to check their vehicle, including fluids, lights, and tires, to make sure everything is in good shape.

Drivers can plan their route using DriveBC to check road and weather conditions, and ICBC recommends packing an emergency kit.

The standard recommended following distance is two seconds, but if bad weather does occur, it should be increased to four seconds, ICBC said.

Now that it’s getting warmer, motorcycles are joining drivers on the road, and ICBC cautions drivers to pay attention to reduce accidents.

ICBC adds that animals are another thing to watch out for, especially at dusk and dawn, as that’s when animals are most likely to be on the road.

The organzation recommends slowing down when wildlife signs are spotted near the road so there is time to react if an animal comes onto the highway.

Every Easter long weekend, an average of three people are killed, and an additional 610 are injured in 2,400 crashes throughout B.C.

An average of 22 people are injured in 140 crashes each year in the North Central region over the long weekend.