CECIL LAKE, B.C. – Jordan Kealy of Kealy farm says they are “dangerously close to being unable to survive” due to the rising costs of fuel and other farm necessities.

In a Facebook post, the farm says the prices of fuel, fertilizer and seed are going to kill a lot of small farms.

With the rising cost of fuel and farmers still needing to use their tractors to harvest crops and feed livestock, many small farms may not survive.

As of Monday afternoon, gas prices in Fort St. John are sitting at $189.9 – $191.9.

On top of these financial stresses, he says the traditional means of selling aren’t as worthwhile as they used to be.

“Last year, we sold some of our animals traditionally and we lost money and that’s where we said something has to change. And we decided to sell direct to consumers doing the gate to plate and it made it so then we were making money,” he explains.

“We’re starting to see more and more farmers just selling out because their land is now more worthwhile and the property taxes are getting higher. And you get these big corporations that are taking over and lobbying the government. They’re the ones that own so many different parts of the chain and they can fix these prices,” he explains why the prices are getting so high.

He says he does as much of his business locally as he can, including slaughtering and butchering his animals.

He adds that it’s important that residents look at supporting locally when they can.

“By supporting local, you’re supporting our infrastructure.”

Kealy says farmers do still get some exemptions, which he admitted do help.

Kealy says he looks forward to seeing members of the community shop local at the farmers’ markets this summer.

Starting in 2008, Kealy Farm now has about 80 head of cattle, fainting goats “for entertainment mostly,” geese and chickens. For crops, they primarily grow hay.

The farm also sell live animals, geese, goslings, chickens and the fainting goat kids.

Jordan Kealy would like to extend his thanks and encourages those interested to check out his Facebook page.

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