FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Petroleum analyst for, Patrick De Haan, says that for now, gas prices may have hit their peak.

De Haan says the average gas price across British Columbia hit about $2.03 back on March 9th, but since then, we’ve seen the gas prices falling. Around this timeframe in Fort St. John, gas prices were flirting near $2 per litre at $1.99.

As of Monday, we stand at an average of about $1.94 a litre, with oil prices also falling. De Haan adds gas prices will possibly begin to inch down as well.

“But having said that, a lot of what is ongoing right now globally could change,” De Haan mentions, referencing the resurgence of COVID-19 in China, limiting consumption.

According to De Haan, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will be meeting later this week to discuss increasing output yet again.

Citing the Russian situation with Ukraine being fluid, he mentions that he would not be surprised if oil prices “heat right back up” in the next few days.

In regards to the volatility, De Haan says, “nobody has a crystal ball. I certainly do not.”

“There’s really no definites right now when it comes to global economies and global events,” said De Haan.

He mentions that the transition to cleaner, more expensive summer gasoline is a more minor role in comparison to the more global economies and events.

He does predict in the “very, very short term” that gas prices should inch down, but beyond that, predictions get “a lot more muddy.”

In an effort to reduce his own gas consumption, De Haan says he slowed down what would probably be the equivalent of 20 kilometres an hour, and his fuel efficiency went up significantly enough to make a pretty big difference.

“If everyone did that across Canada, we could be in a far different place.”