British Columbians aged 18 and older can now pick up rapid antigen test kits from B.C. pharmacies.

The provincial government expanded eligibility for kits Tuesday after first making the kits available to those aged 70 and older on February 25th.

Each kit has five tests, and another one can be picked up in 28 days. People picking up the kit will be required to show their personal health numbers.

If an individual is picking up the kit for someone else, they must provide that person’s name, personal health number, and date of birth.

The province says kits should only be picked up by those who are asymptomatic to use in the future when they have symptoms.

As of March 21st, the province says 7.8 million tests had been shipped to B.C. pharmacies, with 2.7 million handed out through pharmacies.

Another 4.4 million tests are expected to arrive in B.C. this month or in April.