Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says the province is taking action on high energy prices by reducing its tax on gasoline.

He says the price at the pump will drop by 13 cents per litre on April 1 for both gasoline and diesel.

Also starting April 1, the government will deliver a $150 rebate on electricity bills.

Kenney says Albertans need real relief from increasing costs.

Alberta drivers are facing onerous gas prices due to global demand and the war in Ukraine — stations are selling fuel at $1.50 a litre or higher.

Kenney had initially declined to offer gas pump relief when asked by reporters about it last week.

He said it didn’t make any sense given that the federal government was set to hike the carbon tax at gas pumps by three cents a litre on April 1. But he said he would do it if the federal government pulled back on its planned hike.

“We’ve decided to go ahead anyway because Albertans simply need the relief,” Kenney said Monday.

The Opposition NDP had called on the United Conservative government to act on high gasoline prices as well as swiftly rising utility bills.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 7, 2022.