FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Environment Canada says that spring in the Peace region will overall be wetter and colder than usual due to La Niña weather patterns.

Meteorologist for Environment Canada, Derek Lee, says that residents likely won’t notice differences in weather day-to-day.

“We can expect the precipitation to be slightly near normal, to a little bit above, and then the temperatures to be below normal than what we would expect in previous springs,” Lee said.

Lee says this is due to La Niña weather patterns, which causes the Pacific Ocean to be about three to five degrees colder than usual.

“That affects where the weather system directs itself into B.C. So instead of directing it kind of straight from the shoreline all the way to the Peace region, it deflects north from the Yukon and back down to the northeast,” Lee explained.

“So we’re going to see more of that northerly influence for the spring that kind of overall leads to just cooler temperatures than what you would get normally,” Lee said.

This forecast follows the “abnormally normal” weather conditions the province experienced in 2021.