FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Northern Environmental Action Team says one of their biggest focuses going forward is to add dignity alongside improved food security to the community.

Executive Director, Karen Mason-Bennett says that often when individuals begin to cut costs in their food budget, they lose more than just expenses.

“I think when you get to that point where you’re really looking at your food budget and trying to cut things out, the joy that food can give you is also something that you lose as a by-product,” Mason-Bennett said.

She adds that NEAT’s Meals on Wheels program is transitioning away from serving “hospital food” and looks to provide clients meals that they’d be used to eating that may not be accessible to them.

“We want to make sure that whoever happens to be accessing meals on wheels is treated like a human being throughout that entire process,” Mason-Bennett said.

“We’re talking about ensuring that people get meals that make them feel like they’re valued and appreciated in our community.”

NEAT took over the Meals on Wheels program in November of 2020 and gained 33 new clients last year.

NEAT’s NOURISH Program recently received a 3-year $150K grant to help improve food security within the community.

Those interested in volunteering with NEAT can click here for more information.