CHETWYND, B.C. – Chetwynd RCMP says there have been multiple reports of people being asked for sexually explicit videos and then blackmailed for $500.

Police say the victims were told the videos would be released on the internet if they didn’t pay.

In many reported cases, the videos and pictures are distributed even after a payment has been made, said Sgt. Wahnese Antonioni-Stevens, Chetwynd RCMP.

The detachment simply says, “do not get naked on the internet,” as anything posted tends to stay there forever.

“How you portray yourself on the internet can have serious effects on your life. A great deal of work regarding internet crimes is prevention,” said a RCMP news release.

The detachment advises anyone who receives a similar request should report the incident to police.

Anyone contacted via social media, such as Facebook, is asked to report the scammer’s profile to the site provider.