FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – North Peace MLA Dan Davies says the BC NDP’s 2022 budget and throne speech is more of a look back instead of a look forward.

Davies says a throne speech is supposed to function as a map forward and give hope to constituents but adds that this year’s speech didn’t seem to include that.

“The speech was a bunch of recycled promises that were made back in 2017 that they’re still talking about as promises, things that they want to complete. Whether we’re talking about working on renters rebate or solving the housing crisis or the affordability crisis,” Davies said during Moose Talks.

He says the budget seemed to follow the same suit.

“There wasn’t a lot in there other than a lot of new taxes and a lot of new debt. British Columbia is going to be going north of a hundred billion dollars in debt,” Davies said.

“This budget is certainly trying to tax us into affordability, and it doesn’t work,” Davies added.

The B.C. budget is forecasting a $5.5 billion dollar deficit for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

The province recently announced a rebate on heat pumps; however, residents in the north can’t use heat pumps year-round and rely on natural gas during the winter months.

Davies says that while heat pumps are a good thing for residents in the lower mainland, they don’t work for residents of the north.

“These options that we use up here to heat our homes that we have as a necessity. Those are now going to have a new tax on those up to 12% more,” Davies said.

“This is an out-of-touch policy that does nothing for affordability.”

He added that since the BC NDP formed government, they’ve introduced 26 new taxes and fees.

Watch the entire interview with MLA Davies below.