HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – The District of Hudson’s Hope is floating different options to preserve and extend the life of its outdoor pool after experiencing several leaks over the last number of years.

Mayor Dave Heiberg says the issues go back at least two or three years. Though there are plans to replace the pool liner next year, district council has been advised that minor repairs are the best course of action, holding off on a complete pool replacement for another 15 years.

“That pool liner is at its life’s end, and over the last couple of years council resolved to try to patch it and see what we could do to get through the season,” Heiberg said. “But the latest update from our public works staff is that we should start thinking about replacing it sooner than later.”

On January 30th, district staff noticed the liner had shattered in one spot. A similar incident happened in February 2021 at two locations on the liner, which have since been repaired to the tune of $30,000.

According to a February 14th district report, roughly 1,500 gallons a day are lost from water circulation lines from the pool’s mechanical room when the pool is open during the summer months.

The pool’s water heating system is also no longer transferring heat to water properly, in addition to valves beginning to rust in the pool’s mechanical room.

“The plan this year is to patch as best we can and get in the queue for a pool liner, probably by the 2023 season,” said Heiberg. “The guys who install it, there’s not a lot of them around, so we need to get into their work cycle.”