British Columbians will be able to renew their ICBC Insurance policies online starting May 1st, which is also the last day license plate stickers will be needed.

Some customers won’t have to wait until the official launch day if their policy ends on or after May 1st because customers can renew their insurance up to 44 days earlier.

Through the new process, customers will be able to renew their policies, change their address, apply for discounts, update the drivers listed on their policy and modify how they use their vehicle.

Coinciding with the launch of online renewals, May 1st also marks the last day that B.C. drivers will need a license plate sticker. Police now have Automated Licence Plate Recognition, which uses infrared colour cameras and special software to read licence plates.

ICBC is making a one-time investment of as much as $1 million to expand the Automated License Plate Recognition program for police.

Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth says removing the stickers will reduce license plate-related thefts.

“This change, in conjunction with online renewals, will reduce incidents of theft and misuse and free up police resources which are currently used to investigate these crimes,” said Farnworth during a press conference on Monday.

B.C. will now align with other provinces that have removed the decal from circulation, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and the Northwest Territories.