FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The School District 60 Parent Advisory Council released a statement responding to a claim made by a parent during a protest outside of North Peace Secondary School.

On Monday, several students walked out of school in protest of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. Energeticcity spoke with a parent who claimed that unvaccinated parents weren’t allowed at PAC meetings.

“Parents who aren’t vaccinated aren’t allowed to attend the PAC meetings. So, it’s mainly parents that don’t really care about that,” the parent said.

The DPAC says the statement is not true.

While proof of vaccination is required for those attending the meetings in person, the option is there for parents to join virtually to speak and vote on issues. At the start of the 2021/2022 school year, meetings were in-person and then moved to an online format.

“This kind of false messaging creates unnecessary divisions within the parent community by adding stress and confusion. Admittedly, with regular changes related to COVID mandates, there has been some confusion,” said the DPAC.

Of the 6000 students across the district, less than 10 per cent of parents actively participate in meetings, and events, according to the DPAC.

“PACs organize many activities and buy many things for our school – everything from playground equipment and Ipads to organizing special events, carnivals, visiting theatre troops and much more.”

Every school in the district has a PAC, and every student’s parent is available to attend if they wish, the statement read.

“They can run to fill a position on the executive, and their vote counts on any issue. All PACs are run by volunteers.”