TAYLOR, B.C. -The pavilion at Peace Island Park was vandalized around January 27th, and the District of Taylor is wondering if anyone saw anything.

In a report to the recreation committee, Community Services Director Ryan Galay says the park caretaker noticed a large amount of gravel sprayed all over the floor, “vulgar graffiti on the floor and fireplace in mud and charcoal,” and burnout marks from motorized vehicles.

There were also several electrical outlets pulled for the walls, and several fireplace hearthstone slabs smashed or missing.

The cost to fix the damages is under $2,000, but the district is looking at installing an overhead door to secure the pavilion during the offseason.

Staff plans on moving the concrete barrier that was moved from the entrance back in place and will be adding another barrier to help block unwanted visitors.

Councillor Michelle Turnbull took to her personal Facebook page to express her frustrations with the vandalism.

“There has been SO MUCH work put into this from the District, River Rats and the FSJ Oilmen’s. How sad that people feel the need to wreck nice things. Give your damn heads a shake,” Turnbull said.

The district is asking anyone with information to contact the Community Services Hub at 250-789-2828.