FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The honking of horns could be heard across town as numerous Fort St. John residents gathered once again on Saturday, this time in the Safeway parking lot, to voice their support for protestors currently protesting COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates in Ottawa.

Participants displayed Canadian flags, signs denouncing vaccine mandates, and a variety of flags, signs and stickers expressing resentment towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The FSJ convoy began leaving the Safeway parking lot at approximately 1:05 P.M., participants then exited the parking lot onto the Alaska Highway before turning right onto 100th Street.

The convoy continued slowly down 100th Street, with a long line of vehicles stretching from Safeway to the North Peace Cultural Centre. There were some breaks in the convoy, likely due to traffic lights.

The convoy then turned right onto 119th Avenue, continued down 79th Street by Surerus Park, and exited onto 100th Avenue.

From there, participants seemed to disperse onto separate side streets.

Cities across the province prepared for similar demonstrations showing support for the Ottawa Convoy.

“When your desire to have your voice heard starts to interfere with the lives of other people, that’s when lines are drawn,” Horgan said after a meeting of the Council of the Federation.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said the city expects protests, but emails from residents and businesses after protests last weekend show that some protesters “went beyond the right to peacefully gather and infringed on the well-being and safety of others.”

Reports included the egging of homes that had signs supporting health-care workers, people using anti-Semitic and racist language, and people violating health orders by entering businesses without masks, Helps said.

Crowdfunding site GoFundMe announced Friday evening that they will automatically reimburse the vast majority of the more than $10 million raised by demonstrators protesting in Ottawa, stating that the event has become an occupation.

Protestors in Ottawa have already setup other fundraising through alternate platforms.