Letter from Moose FM and Energeticcity owner after bomb threat called in

Saturday evening, a bomb threat was called into the offices of Moose FM and Energeticcity.ca. With the swift a…

Saturday evening, a bomb threat was called into the offices of Moose FM and Energeticcity.ca. With the swift action of the Fort St. John RCMP, the suspect was apprehended Saturday evening and is in custody. RCMP will be releasing more information to the public later this week.

It is our position that no one is entitled to contact a person or organization and make a threat of physical harm. No one should be threatened or harassed in any way, but that is what we at Moose FM and Energeticcity.ca have experienced over the last two weeks.

Moose FM/Energeticcity.ca has operated in Fort St. John since 2003. We are locally owned, and all of our staff live and call the Peace region their home. We love the region that has allowed it to broadcast for the last 18 years.

With the increase in recent threats, we still covered the local truck convoy, but our staff used their own vehicles and stayed back from the major part of the rally for their safety. We did a live video on our social media, wrote a story for Energeticcity.ca and broadcast the story during the Monday morning news on Moose FM.

These threats will not change what stories we cover, but we will be taking extra precautions to protect the security of our staff. We will not tolerate any verbal or physical attacks.

We understand there will be stories that you disagree with and we happily leave our inboxes open to constructive dialogue. We believe by focusing on the issues we have in common and to work on the points we disagree on we are providing constructive journalism that benefits all. Contact us, and we will listen.

The pandemic has divided people in our community and around the world. We used to be able to share opinions with our fellow community members without the threat of violence, but unfortunately, that has changed. That’s just one reason we closed comments on COVID-19 stories shared on our Facebook page.

As a community, we need to work together to end the pandemic and to end this divide. The democracy that is Canada was built on every voice has value and the ability to come together to work through our challenges collectively.

Today and in the future, we will continue to do our best to cover the stories that matter in the Peace region.

Adam Reaburn
President/General Manager
Moose FM/Energeticcity.ca

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