VANCOUVER, B.C. – Over 33,000 B.C. government employees received a pay raise during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent Canadian Taxpayers Federation report.

Through a freedom of information request, the organization revealed 528,347 federal and provincial government employees received a pay raise during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

“We’re not all in this together,” said Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director with the CTF. “We’ve seen a tale of two pandemics: one full of private sector pain and the other full of financial gain for bureaucrats and politicians.”

The CTF says government employees saw no reduction in pay during the pandemic.

Members of Parliament have received two pay raises during the pandemic, ranging from an extra $6,900 for backbench MPs to an additional $13,800 for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, says the CTF. MPs are set to give themselves a third pandemic pay raise on April 1st.

“Many British Columbians who are working outside of government took a pay cut, or lost their job or business, so it’s unfair to ask them to pay higher taxes so bureaucrats and politicians can get a pay hike,” said Kris Sims, B.C. Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.