FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Fire Department is reminding residents to inspect their appliance vents for snow and ice build-up.

The Department says if snow and ice are allowed to accumulate near external vents it may prevent flue products containing carbon monoxide from venting, causing them to recirculate into residents’ homes, putting them at risk.

In a post on Facebook, the station said, “Take a minute to have a quick walk around your property to make sure exterior vents for dryers, furnaces, etc. are swept clear so that equipment can operate properly.”

The Department also says that residents should check their gas meter for any snow build-up that could affect its operation.

“To keep it clear, gently remove any snow build-up on your meter set with your hands, a brush, or small broom, if there is ice on the meter set, never kick at or use devices to strike ice off a meter,” the Department said.