FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Figure Skating Club has been having a tough time with COVID-19 restrictions keeping skaters from competitions, but the club recently posted a video to Facebook showing the hard work they’ve been doing for over a month.

In just 14 hours, the video has over 1,200 views, and it features all the skaters from the little ones to the high school competitive skaters.

“We’ve been practising some of the choreography for a month during our edge classes, and then we spent four hours on Wednesday doing the majority of the filming, and a few more hours spread out over the week so that we could capture some of the skaters that don’t skate on Wednesdays,” said skating coach, Jen Hammond, who spent hours filming, editing and polishing the video together.

“It definitely is time-consuming work, but worth it. I actually quite enjoy doing it, and we’re already getting ideas for next year. This might turn into an annual thing!”

While the restrictions in the new year are still unclear, Hammond plans to have three competitions for her skaters to attend, one of which will be hosted locally.

“The first competition for us could be as early as mid-January,” said Hammond at the beginning of December.

The Fort St. John Figure Skating Club will shut down for the holidays, and skaters will be back in action starting January 4th.