FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Thanks to a donation of $2,500 from NorthRiver Midstream, the Northern Centre of Hope will be holding a full Christmas dinner for guests and anyone experiencing homelessness on December 23rd.

Salvation Army Executive Director, Jared Braun, says the value of a Christmas meal is something they don’t take for granted.

“The opportunity to be able to do a full Christmas meal for the most vulnerable in our community, it’s not something we take for granted,” said Braun. “We really want to make it special. We feel everybody deserves to have a good Christmas meal.”

Braun says the donation from NorthRiver Midstream will help make a great experience for the guests.

“Because of a generous donation like that, we’re able to do the full meal deal. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, pie, all the big things. It will really be a special experience for our guests and community members that are either living homeless or under the threat of homelessness.”

Braun says the cook, Colleen, is already busy getting things prepared for an expected 60 to 80 guests.

“I’m expecting there will be probably 60 to 80 people. Our cook’s been preparing already. It’s neat because our cook, she really loves to serve our guests, and the opportunity to do something special like this is also a treat for her. She gets to kind of splurge a little bit on the shopping budgets, and a lot of our guests are going to be getting involved.”

The people that the meal will serve are also the ones helping prepare, which adds to the community-building component.

“It really makes it a community and family experience, which is what we desire. We want everybody that comes to our doors to feel welcome, to feel like they belong, to feel that they have dignity. So, we think it’s going to be a really wonderful Northern Centre of Hope Christmas experience.”