Hudson’s Hope RCMP bulletin: November 22nd to December 16th

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 19 calls for service between November 22nd and December …

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to 19 calls for service between November 22nd and December 16th. 59 written violations and warning tickets were issued to drivers between the above dates for various motor vehicle related offences. Highway and road safety continues to be a focus for the Hudson’s Hope RCMP.

Please make note of the numerous construction sites along Hwy 29 toward Fort St. John. Due to the increase of work sites along the highway, there is a large fluctuation between the speed zones for each site. Police will be monitoring these areas as they are a posted construction zone and fines will range from $196.00 to $253.00 for speeding violations within a marked construction zone.

On November 23rd, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded a report of a single motor vehicle accident along Canyon Dr. Upon police arriving on scene, the driver of the vehicle was found to be uninjured however he was found to be under the influence of alcohol (aka: “the sauce”), therefore was charged with impaired driving along with the impound of his vehicle and a 90-day driving prohibition.

On November 24th, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of a series of thefts from local donation bins around town. It was found that persons were going through the donation bins and taking/stealing items without authorization. Police are continuing to monitor this situation and are advising the public that these bins are for local donations to the thrift store only and not a free for all for picking through.

On November 27th, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report of a theft of a Weldco 250 series excavator bucket that was stolen from a local property. This file remains open for police investigation at this time.

On December 1st, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to the scene of an unoccupied single vehicle roll-over along Hwy 29. Upon investigation, it was found that two days’ prior, the driver of the vehicle had been travelling along Hwy 29 and hit a patch of ice and slid into the ditch, resulting in minor injuries and damages to the vehicle. Vehicle later recovered and towed away.

On December 2nd, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP responded to another single motor vehicle accident along the Farrell Creek Rd, this time, a tractor trailer had hit a patch of black ice and slid off the road, resulting in the truck and trailer flipping onto its side. No injuries were incurred to the driver.

On December 5th, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP, BCEHS and Hudson’s Hope Fire, along with other local organizations, conducted the 2021 Christmas Parade where local emergency responders, family, and friends braved the icy artic winter weather to say hello and hand out tasty treats to local residents as they drove through the parade. During this time, the Hudson’s Hope Lion’s bus was on site and emergency responder personnel collected several donations from locals for the Twelve Days of Christmas Toy Drive.

On December 16th, Hudson’s Hope RCMP stopped a vehicle for excessive speed as it was found to be travelling through the local school zone at a speed of 46km/hr over the posted speed limit. The driver received the excessive speed pkg including a fine of $368.00.

The Hudson’s Hope RCMP would like to remind drivers that the time of the year is upon us again in which our roads and streets can become training grounds for bobsled and luge training over night due to the cold wintery weather. If you have not already done so, this is the time to make sure that drivers have adequate winter tires and chains for highway travel. Failure to operate a motor vehicle without adequate winter tires can result in a $121.00 fine.

And finally, Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the detachment, not a Corporal did stir. The stockings were hung on the wall with great care, next to some t-shirts and old underwear. I was working the night shift compiling stats, answering the phone, and feeding the deer, when all of a sudden there arose such a clatter. I leapt from my desk to see what was the matter! I opened the door with a creak and a crick, and saw a jolly red fat man, I knew right away it must be St. Nick.

I had seen his picture a time or two, he was wanted, Section 321, for Break and Enter. I threw open the door and commanded him, “Freeze, put your hands on your head and get down on your knees”. But, he turned and he ran, up the chimney he flew, with me in hot pursuit. When we got to the roof, St. Nick made for his sleigh, throwing down toys and blocking my way. As I got to the peak, he threw down some sleet, I slipped and I feel, landing flat on my back.

To my front, I was faced with a toy M-1 tank, and pink Power Rangers to my flank. “On Dasher, on Dancer” St. Nick cried loud and clear. Then I got off three rounds and dropped the lead deer. And I heard as he sailed into the blue, “Merry Christmas to all, my lawyers will sue!”

From everyone at the Hudson’s Hope RCMP detachment, we wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.

Anyone with information regarding current or past investigations can contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP directly at 250-783-5241 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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