FORT NELSON, B.C. – A man, believed to have consumed ‘magic mushrooms’, was recently arrested under the Mental Health Act after claiming to be Jesus once pulled over for excessive speeding by BC Highway Patrol in Fort Nelson.

BCHP officers encounter unusual circumstances all the time, says Cpl. Mike Halskov, Media Relations Officer for BCHP. This incident, however, ranks among the most unusual I have reported on. The officers did an exceptional job of utilizing de-escalation techniques to bring this incident to a safe conclusion and get this person the help he needed in a timely fashion. These actions demonstrate how BCHP is keeping our highways safer together.

On Monday, the man was pulled over for travelling at 117 km/h in a 50 km/h speed zone while officers were conducting speed enforcement in a construction zone near Tetsa River.

Police say the man in his twenties is from Alberta and was initially cooperative with the officer. The officer returned to his vehicle and completed a ticket for excessive speed and the vehicle impoundment form.

The driver’s behaviour reportedly changed after being told his vehicle would be impounded for seven days. He then told the officer, My Christmas is over, and you have no soul. What if I told you I was Jesus?

The officer told the driver that he was becoming concerned for the man’s mental health and may have to apprehend him under the Mental Health Act if his increasingly erratic behaviour continued.

Police say the man stopped talking, and arrangements to bring him to Fort Nelson were made, where he decided to return to the municipality with the tow truck.

When the officer returned to his vehicle, the man exited his truck and began running down the highway, claiming to be Jesus and having visions, according to police.

The man was then arrested with the help of a second BCHP officer who arrived on scene. The second officer began transporting the man back to Fort Nelson while the first officer waited for the tow truck.

The officer searched the vehicle and found a large bag of suspected ‘magic mushrooms’, which led the police to believe his behaviour was a result of consuming the illegal substance.

The man was found to be stable after being assessed by a doctor in Fort Nelon, who asked the man to spend the night in the hospital to be monitored.

The man’s behaviour and statements led the officers to begin an impaired driving by drug investigation.

The man was put through a Drug Recognition Evaluation by the officers, and exhibits will be forwarded to the RCMP Forensic Lab for analysis.

The file remains under investigation.