FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – City staff are hard at work preparing three outdoor rinks for the winter, including some new locations due to the Kin Park construction.

On Moose Talks this morning, Mayor Lori Ackerman mentioned she saw workers pouring water for a sheet of ice while she was heading to work.

“On my way to work this morning, I noticed the little arena at the corner of Northern Lights Drive and 100th Street being flooded,” said Ackerman.

“We’re grateful to the Alliance Church who owns that property, that we were able to put a little outdoor skating rink there.”

In addition, Communications Coordinator Ryan Harvey says the Mathews Park Loop is shaping up nicely, and a third rink will be flooded at Surerus Park.

“They’ve started that work already. Obviously, the weather’s got to cooperate, but things are looking good so far.”

Harvey says the outdoor rinks are open to the public with no COVID-19 restrictions.

“The outdoor rinks can be used by anybody, very similar to the walking path that’s been open the whole time.”

With temperatures consistently below freezing for the next week, rinks should be up and running in short order.

The list of City-operated outdoor rinks is as follows: