FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – While there may be a Christmas tree shortage, residents needn’t fret as they can obtain a free use permit to cut down their own.

Residents over the age of 19 are able to cut a Christmas tree free of charge after obtaining the permit, which is available at any local forest district office or online here.

Permit-carrying residents are able to cut trees from designated areas on Crown lands such as open-range lands, logging roads, and Hydro right-of-way except where commercial Christmas trees are being grown.

Crown land is any land owned by either federal or provincial governments.

The Province recommends getting trees from dry, rocky sites or slopes within the permitted areas as they claim these conditions produce better Christmas trees.

When cutting your tree, try to leave one or two branches as this may allow the tree to regrow.

Even with a permit, there are some areas that residents are not allowed to cut trees from such as:

The free use permit is for personal use only. Those caught selling trees harvested on Crown land may be subject to prosecution.

For more information about cutting your own Christmas tree click here.