Driving Force Give’r Truck getting great response in its first year

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Driving Force Give’r Truck has been out and about in Fort St. John a fair bit since …

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Driving Force Give’r Truck has been out and about in Fort St. John a fair bit since it was introduced in March, helping non-profit organizations with various events and activities.

Sales Manager Jim Harris says the response from the community has been great, but he wants to get more exposure for the truck going forward.

“It takes a little bit more word-of-mouth that we have it, but it’s been over to the Salvation Army a couple of times, NEAT has used it for a couple of things. One of the associations relocating some cats has used it, so the response has been great for the first year,” said Harris.

The Driving Force Give’r Truck has been implemented at a number of Driving Force locations across Western Canada. It’s free for non-profit groups to use for events, bottle drives and short-haul moves.

Harris says there are so many groups, organizations and businesses who donate time, money and resources. This is Driving Force’s way of helping those groups tackle some of those bigger jobs.

“Dog food runs, bottle drives, stuff like that. If you’ve got a charity, need a fundraiser, need that pickup truck, come down and talk to us.”

Harris says the Give’r Truck at other locations has been used much less, so he’s happy with the exposure it’s getting locally.

“I know some divisions that have the Give’r Truck, that have never sent it out for anything. It just needs to be out there so that people know it’s a viable option for a charity. We had it parked at the Totem Mall for a few months to get some exposure, and I get lots of calls on it.”

To sign out the Give’r Truck, Harris says there’s no cost to the borrower except for the cost of insurance, but charities with their own insurance don’t need to pay that cost.

“It’s a huge asset for Fort St. John. It’s one more tool that our non-profits in Fort St. John have access to, to keep money in their pockets.”

People have been surprised at the trim level of the Give’r Truck, says Harris.

“They were expecting something with roll-down windows and a see-through floor, so they find out it’s a decent trim level on the outside and it’s a very comfortable truck.”

To find out more about how to sign out the Give’r Truck, go to the Driving Force website.

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