FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Those looking for real Christmas trees this year may find their hopes cut short.

According to Dunvegan Gardens owner Melissa Braun, there is a Christmas tree shortage affecting North America.

“What we’ve been getting from the tree farms is that they just didn’t realize the influx in the buying of the trees, and they didn’t plant enough. To have a five-foot tree you, need about five years.” Braun explained.

Don Ferrey, the owner of Happy Pappy’s Christmas Tree farm in Prince George, says there’s also been an increase in demand for trees this year.

“Trees are, are going a lot faster than been other years for sure to this point [we’ve sold] probably twice as much,” Ferrey said.

“We’re wondering if we should just shut down a little earlier this year because we don’t want to run out of stock for next year,” Ferrey continued.

Ferrey also has a few theories as to why the shortage has occurred.

“There are lots of things that cause a shortage. There are people that are uninterested in doing this anymore because it’s such a labour-intensive thing to do, and there’s not a lot of profit in it. And the younger people just don’t feel like doing it,” Ferrey said.

Besides being labour-intensive, Ferrey says it also takes a long time to see results when growing trees, especially up north.

“It takes so long. It’s not like down south where you can grow a nice fir in seven or eight years. Up here, some of my trees that have been going out of here are 18 years old,” said Ferrey.

Save-On-Foods told that while they don’t currently have trees in stock, they may be receiving some later in the week.

While there is a shortage of commercial Christmas trees, residents are able to obtain a permit and cut their own tree.