DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The Dawson Creek RCMP are reminding residents that the loss of a stolen vehicle with keys left inside may not be covered by auto insurance.

During the winter months, the RCMP usually receives an increase of stolen vehicle reports where the vehicle has been left running with keys in the ignition.

According to the RCMP, both locked and unlocked idling vehicles have been stolen.

RCMP suggests residents do not leave their car running unattended, don’t store vehicle keys inside their vehicles, and avoid storing any valuables in their vehicles.

They also recommend having either a manufacturer or aftermarket GPS tracker on their vehicle.

Some alternatives to having a vehicle run while remaining secure include using a remote start, a physical immobilizer such as a steering wheel lock, or a secure idle device.

Dawson Creek RCMP says most vehicle or property theft is a crime of opportunity, and they urge the community to protect their belongings to help decrease the chance of thefts from occurring.