BC SPCA supports changes to rodenticide use in Taylor

TAYLOR, B.C. – The BC SPCA penned a letter of support for changes to rodenticide use in the District of Taylor…

TAYLOR, B.C. – The BC SPCA penned a letter of support for changes to rodenticide use in the District of Taylor.

Erin Ryan, Research Communications Specialist with the BC SPCA, sent a letter to Mayor Rob Fraser and Council to ask the District to prohibit rodenticide use on public-owned properties.

In July, the Province announced a ban on the sale and use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) for 18 months.

The Order includes:

According to Ryan, this Order only covers three specific SGAR products. First-generation rodenticides, which are older, slower acting and less powerful than SGARs, are still legal for use in personal and professional settings.

Some non-anticoagulant rodenticides like bromethalin are also still legal to use, and Ryan says there is no antidote for dogs or cats who may accidentally consume bromethalin.

“Once a pet is showing signs of bromethalin poisoning — seizures, muscle tremors or inability to walk — it’s generally too late to treat them, and death is inevitable,” wrote Ryan.

She added that the exemption for essential services means rodent control operators are unlikely to change their service model.

“Integrated Pest Management (IPM) — using prevention and attractant management first — is often skipped to the default use of rodenticide baiting programs that do not aim to solve the initial pest problem.”

Ryan says the BC SPCA supports Taylor’s Mayor and Council in advancing initiatives to reduce the use of rodenticides to protect wildlife, pets and sensitive habitats from the harmful poisons.

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