Local homeowner claims impaired drivers keep crashing onto property, calls on City to improve safety

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A local homeowner claims drunk drivers have crashed onto her property three times this y…

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A local homeowner claims drunk drivers have crashed onto her property three times this year.

After being fed up and posting her story on a local social media group last week, councillor Trevor Bolin reached out to Rachel Coles to survey the problem area for himself.

In 2021, three vehicles have travelled down the East Bypass Road, and either drove on Coles’ lawn or hit her home located on the corner of 77th Street.

There are already barricades in front of the home, which Coles said hasn’t been working.

“The guy that hit our house flew right over them into our house!” read a comment from Coles to Bolin on a local Facebook group.

“When we talked to the City last week, we were told the barricades were there to stop people who are doing the speed limit. Well, no one does the speed limit.’

Coles reached out to the City once again after being in contact with Bolin. The councillor says CAO Milo MacDonald reached out to Coles about what can be done in the short term and potentially in the spring as a permanent solution.

Coles says her conversation with MacDonald about new measures of protection that could be implemented around the property, especially since it’s next to a walking trail.

“Our main concern, as well as theirs, is the safety of those walking on the trail and for our children. We are just thankful that no one has gotten hurt in any of these incidents. A house is just a house, but a person is someone’s loved one,” said Coles.

After visiting the property, Bolin agreed with her concerns about the potential of vehicle incidents being a lot worse if something isn’t done.

“Upon visiting her home, I realized how accurate she was that with kids or pets in the yard, this could easily have been a lot worse, and only about a truck length away, and they would have hit their home as well,” said Bolin.

“I think what surprised me the most is that this isn’t the first time, second time or even third time this has occurred. Not only has her family been in danger, but these vehicles are actually going over the walking trail as well as putting even more people in danger.”

Coles commended the City for their timely response and was surprised by the response she received from the mayor and council as well.

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