DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Nathan Colin Whynot will make another court appearance on January 11th, 2022, while his case is reviewed.

He appeared in court this week on November 23rd, but the matter was adjourned by the defence, confirmed the Dawson Creek court registry.

The 23-year old remains in custody over the arson at the DC Walmart in the summer of 2020, causing $1.38 million in damages.

The registry did not have any information about why the matter was adjourned but speculates it may be due to more time needed to complete or review a psychiatric report expected on Whynot at his last appearance.

They noted that court time is also ‘at a premium right now’, and time left before the holidays is being saved for more pressing matters.

In October 2020, Whynot attempted to plead guilty to the arson, firing his lawyer in the process.

Hon. David St. Pierre struck the plea from the record at the time, noting Whynot showed little remorse and no responsibility for the crime, attempting to expedite the court proceedings. He pled guilty a second time in March 2021, with the courts accepting it.

Whynot was sentenced for drug possession charges dating back to February 2019 in Mackenzie, adding to his jail time.