FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Save Our Northern Seniors (SONS) team has made the community a little more accessible by pushing for a newly-installed wheelchair ramp at Save-On-Foods.

According to Margaret Little with SONS Fort St. John, the group noticed the need for a wheelchair-accessible ramp between Shoppers Drug Mart and Save-On-Foods on 100th Street to help people shop safely.

“Over the last few years, we have continued to bring the situation to the forefront, not just for seniors but for everyone,” said Little.

Before the ramp was installed, shoppers would have to go behind parked vehicles to get from Shoppers Drug Mart to Save-On-Foods.

“Customers of all ages using canes, parents with strollers and little ones, walkers, wheelchairs, or just having difficulty going down steps wanting to go between Shoppers Drug Mart and Save-On-Foods had to go behind parked vehicles,” said Little.

“Many people could not go down the three steps. This created a huge potential for being accidentally run over by a vehicle backing out, especially in the winter. Seeing a need, SONS began pursuing a permanent ramp.”

A temporary wooden ramp installed last year was replaced with a more permanent, steel, grated ramp earlier this month.

“Many thanks to owners of the building, Northwest Properties, the Property Manager for Northgate Mall/Northwest, and Staff at Save-On-Foods for working with SONS to make a difference. We know this will make the trip between Shoppers and Save-On-Foods much safer for all our community members.”