FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The 2022 Fort St. John International Air Show is gathering momentum ahead of the July 31st weekend, and organizers are looking to add some key team members to help with preparations.

With the 2021 show being pushed back a year due to runway upgrades at the North Peace Airport, producer Sandi Miller says they have about half of their lineup confirmed already.

Miller says there are lots of ways interested residents can participate in the air show.

“Right now, we do want to put a push on for volunteers because we do need a lot of help. We need some key coordinator positions to head up the volunteers, the concessions, we need people to help with marketing and setup, so it’s going to take a lot of people.”

Anyone who’s interested in lending a hand can reach out on the Fort St. John International Air Show Facebook page.

“The goal is by the end of December or early January, we’ll have our full lineup,” said Miller. “The Canadian assets announce their schedule at the International Council of Air Shows conference in Las Vegas the first week of December.”

At the conference in December, the Snowbirds, Thunderbirds and Blue Angels announce their schedules for the following year.

“That’s where we find out if the Snowbirds are coming, as well as the F-18. From there, you kind of round out your schedule. Usually by January, you know who’s going to be at your show.”

As for some favourites that are confirmed for this year’s show already, the Yellow Thunder is confirmed, as well as a promise from Erickson Aircraft Collection to send some of its aircraft.

“The beauty of [Erickson] is, they have a number of different aircraft, they just haven’t confirmed what will be touring next year.”

Some of the aircraft in the Erickson Collection include the P-38 Lightning, nicknamed the “fork-tailed devil” because of its unique twin-boom design, the iconic P-51 Mustang, as well as the B-17 Flying Fortress.

Miller hopes to be able to announce more aircraft coming to the Fort St. John International Air Show in the middle of December.