MONTNEY, B.C. – Geoscience BC has released information regarding the research for identifying and characterizing disposal zones for wastewater from natural gas operations in the Montney Play region in the northeast.

Finding a suitable disposal location is sometimes difficult, especially in the northeast with the maturing Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, where these disposal zones can be hard to find.

The project, Wastewater Disposal in the Maturing Montney Play Fairway of NEBC, includes ten conclusions and eight recommendations. Within those includes that of 13 formations checked and assessed, around seven have been deemed potentially suitable for wastewater disposal.

“This report and accompanying data provide essential new knowledge about potentially suitable locations for disposal of wastewater from natural gas operations in the Montney Play region. It can be used by the regulator, operators, governments, community leaders and Indigenous groups to make informed, evidence-based decisions about continued natural gas development and to guide future research,” says lead researcher Dr.Brad Hayes.

The peer-reviewed and independent research was identified by the Scientific Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel, operators and the BC Oil and Gas Commission. To evaluate the suitable wastewater disposal zones, researchers integrated hydrogeology, geomechanics, reservoir characterization, and structural geology.

More information on the research can be found on the Geoscience research page.