CHETWYND, B.C. – The District of Chetwynd has released its long-term success and sustainability Strategic Plan for 2021 to 2031.

Council and Administration worked together to create a vision that builds upon the strengths of Chetwynd to create a self-sufficient community.

Strategic planning is part of an important process that reviews any challenges and potential for the community, which has become an even more important process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The past two years have added extra health, economic, and political challenges that affect us across Canada, British Columbia, and into the District of Chetwynd,” says Mayor Allen Courtoreille.

“This moment of uncertainty is a good time to really reflect on what we do well and look at opportunities for improvement. We have a great deal of hope for Chetwynd’s future.”

Council and Administration worked together to access the current state of the community and identified opportunities, residents’ needs, and historical and current challenges the municipality faces.

The Strategic Plan will focus on seven main priority areas, financial sustainability, community beautification, economic growth, housing and health, infrastructure and sustainability, productive relationships, and good governance.

“We know that Chetwynd is a beautiful location with so much potential for a vibrant and sustainable future. We believe that enacting this plan can make our vision a reality,” says Courtorielle.