FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society was a few dollars short of their $10,000 fundraising goal for their online auction, so a resident has decided to help out.

Hannah Jarvinen will be selling Finnish Tonttu or Elves to help make up the shortfall for the WRS.

In Finnish folklore, the elves ensure good health, safety, prosperity, and happiness to the inhabitants of the place they occupy. As long as they were treated kindly they would make sure no harm would come to the residents, if they were not treated kindly they would cause mischief.

Jarvinen is selling the Finnish Elves for $15 each, and all funds will go towards the WRS and the Outreach Program.

Anyone interested in purchasing one, they can be found on Facebook Marketplace, or you can send an email to or call Hannah at 778-256-5400.

On October 7th, there were 21 Elves, and by October 15th, there were 16 left.