RYCROFT, ALTA. – A new fertilizer supercenter being built looks to act as a central hub for distribution in Northeast B.C. and Northern Alberta.

On Thursday, Genesis Fertilizers entered a land lease agreement with Side Group Rail to establish a fertilizer distribution SuperCenter located in Rycroft, Alta.

The production facility will produce 700,000 metric ton of urea annually.

“This facility will serve as a major fertilizer distribution hub for Northern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia,” says Jason Mann, CEO of Genesis.

“Expanding our distribution capacity in the Peace region demonstrates Genesis’ commitment to vertically integrate farming businesses, allowing investors to participate up the agri-business value chain to maximize farm profitability.”

The company is focusing its efforts together with Axcess Capital to raise capital for the next phase, including constructing the facility in Rycroft.

Genesis says this is a part of its plan to create a farmer-owned fertilizer production and distribution network to support farmers across Western Canada.

An open house in Rycroft is taking place on October 27th from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.