POUCE COUPE, B.C. – Pouce Coupe council members will replace Mayor Lorraine Michetti on all boards and committees she previously held.

Two motions were passed during the first meeting with the revamped council on Wednesday. Both motions were unanimous as no councillors voted against the motions.

One motion was to draft a letter to each board Michetti sat on to inform them that the mayor has been replaced. The second motion was to remove Michetti from all portfolio positions.

After swearing in the two new council members, the first order of new business was talking about the letter, and then council went through the list of portfolio positions Michetti held and replaced her with councillors.

Michetti previously held eight portfolio positions this year.

The mayor was seemingly unhappy with the decision, claiming, “this is gonna be a gang up on me now.”

Newly-elected councillor Danielle Veach denied the mayor’s claim.

“My position from the beginning has been that I don’t support you on any of the portfolios.”

Initially, council voted to remove Michetti from all committees and boards during a special meeting on February 20th. During the meeting, without Michetti in attendance, council also requested her resignation after controversial social media comments she had made.

On July 5th, the village announced on Facebook that the meeting was invalid following a court order.