The majority of wildfires in the Prince George Fire Centre are labelled as under control following a busy BC wildfire season.

There are currently 37 active wildfires in the PGFC, with two fires being held. As of September 29th, there have been 269 wildfires, burning 128,287 hectares in the PGFC so far this year, according to BC Wildfire Service data.

The province saw 1,614 wildfires this year, most of which were suspected to be caused by lightning strikes. The BC Wildfire Service has reported 868,186 hectares burned this wildfire season.

The BC Wildfires Service says of the suspected causes of this year’s wildfires,  59.8 per cent were from lighting, 35.5 per cent were human caused, and 4.7 per cent were unknown.

Northeast BC saw multiple large fires this past season, including near Buckinghorse River, Tentfire Creek and Beatton River.

A state of emergency was issued on July 20th, and extended three times due to one of the worst wildfires seasons in the province.

Thousands of firefighters helped to fight fires with assistance coming from other provinces, Mexico and Australia. Several firefighters from the Peace region travelled south to help fight fires as well.

More data on the 2021 wildfires season will be released by the province in the coming months.