HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – BC Hydro has provided further details into a sloughing event that caused the closure of the Hudson’s Hope Library and New Horizons building.

In a post on Facebook, the District of Hudson’s Hope says BC Hydro discovered a small slide along the bank behind the library which occurred on September 24th.

According to a report released on September 28th, “the sloughing involved approximately 500 cubic metres of material along an area 25 metres across and 15 metres high.”

BC Hydro says “the slide is being undermined by a natural spring.”

David Conway, Community Relations Manager for the Site C Project, says the incident occurred where construction crews are building the shoreline protection berm.

“These types of sloughing events are known to occur naturally along the shoreline in Hudson’s Hope due to the geography in the area,” wrote Conway in an email to “We took immediate action to make the area safe, and geotechnical experts are now on-site working on a solution to stabilize the slope.”

The shoreline protection berm is a large barrier made of riprap, rocks and gravel, which will reinforce the shoreline, protecting it from potential erosion when the Site C reservoir fills up.

Conway added that BC Hydro will keep local government officials and the community updated as the situation progresses.

“Our top priority on the Site C Project will always be the health and safety of our employees, workers, members of the public and surrounding communities.”

Conway recommends people check the BC Hydro website for a complete description of events, and the company will continue to send out information to Hudson’s Hope residents.

This is a developing story.