POUCE COUPE, B.C. – Amid the healthcare crisis in Northeast B.C., the mayor of Pouce Coupe is questioning the reported number of unvaccinated people who have been hospitalized.

Local media outlets received a screenshot of Michetti’s post over the weekend that read, “I want to see these hospitals where the Covid unvaccinated people are. We all know the news lie!’

Michetti told Energeticcity that she believes that the numbers of unvaccinated in the province are skewed, and says data from the BC CDC shows this. She didn’t provide a source for her claims.

A BC CDC graph of the seven-day moving average for new daily hospitalizations between July 1st and September 9th shows an increase in unvaccinated people being hospitalized.

The graph shows a gradual increase of unvaccinated cases, with most health regions taking in 10 a day around September 9th. As for the north, the increase was significant, with Northern Health taking in 30 unvaccinated cases a day as of September 9th.

According to the Province’s COVID-19 update on Friday, 436 British Columbians were hospitalized between September 9th to 22nd. Of the cases during this timeframe, 323 (73.9%) were unvaccinated, 35 (8%) had one shot, and 79 (18.%) were fully vaccinated.

When asked about the importance of leaders encouraging vaccinations during the pandemic, Michetti says she is double vaccinated but doesn’t believe people should be forced to do anything.

“I’m for the people,” says Michetti. “If they don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s their problem.”

“I realized that that the hospitals are going to be overrun. I realized that. People have choices. People pay taxes.”

Unlike Michetti, many leaders in the northeast have been strongly encouraging residents to get vaccinated. Recently, many local dignitaries have spoken with BC Health Minister Adrian Dix on how to increase rates to address the ongoing healthcare crisis.

“Last week, we announced significant new resources for retention and recruitment of health professionals, but that’s a long-term view,” said Dix on Moose Talks Friday. “What we’ve been talking about with Dan [Davies],  Mike [Bernier], Mayor [Lori] Ackerman, Mayor [Dale] Bumstead and others in the region is how we get vaccination rates up.”

Davies and Bernier have repeatedly encouraged residents to get their jab, and the BC Liberal MLAs have had several conversations with Dix to come up with a plan.

“Some shifts are down to one RN. We’re overrun right now with COVID-19 patients, many of them very serious,” said Davies on Wednesday. “Vancouver and Victoria have opened up beds for our patients to go down there because we just don’t have room in Northern Health anymore.”

“The easiest thing right now is, folks, I strongly, strongly encourage you to get vaccinated. The science is sound, the vaccines work, we’ve seen the people that are getting cases right now, the ones in our ICU, it’s upwards of 90 per cent of those folks that are not vaccinated that are filling up our ICU right now,” said Davies.

Michetti made headlines earlier this year after publishing a post on her personal Facebook page that read, “don’t want pipeline’s? They want to protect our land. Yeah ok”. The post included pictures of homes surrounded by garbage.

The controversial post was met with calls for Michetti’s resignation from leaders in the Peace region.

The village recently held a by-election after two councillors resigned earlier this year following the post. Ken Drover resigned in February due to Michetti’s controversial social media activity, while Donna White didn’t state her reason for leaving.