CHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – Lunch is something many people take for granted, and the Charlie Lake School has come up with a solution for all kids to get a nice meal at school.

Last year, some administrators noticed a need for a program to supply lunches for those who didn’t have one. The Parental Advisory Council (PAC) were approached to see what could be done.

The PAC and the school created the Food for Thought program, which allows parents to donate towards meals for other students while buying a hot lunch for their child. Parents can donate $2, $5, $10, or whatever they choose to donate.

Charlie Lake School Principal, Shawna Hartman, says the Hot Lunch program promotes inclusion with the addition of the new program.

“This way, it makes them have inclusion in our school, and no one’s singled out. So you get hot lunch, just like everybody else when you order it,” says Hartman.

If a community member wants to donate to the Food For Thought Program, they can email Brittany Pollard at

Along with the Hot Lunch Program and Food For Thought Program, CLS also has a snack program where every classroom has a bin of snacks that students can use throughout the day. Previously students would’ve been sent to the office to grab snacks, this way, children aren’t singled out when looking for snacks and don’t have any on them.

Depending on the feedback received from this program, it could be expanded into a breakfast program down the line.