VANCOUVER, B.C. – ICBC says its Enhanced Care model saving customers more money than originally projected.

Customers that are renewing their auto insurance under the Enhanced Care model are saving more than the initial average of $400, or 20 per cent, that was projected when the new system was announced in February 2020.

Between May 1st and August 31st, more than 1.3 million personal insurance policies under Enhanced Care were renewed by ICBC. Customers saved an average of $496 or 28 per cent compared to last year’s premiums.

These savings reflect the first four months of Enhanced Care and could vary over the coming months but ICBC anticipates that a majority of customers will still save more than $400 on average when they renew a full ICBC coverage.

Around 3.6 million Enhanced Care rebate cheques were issued to eligible customers totalling around $594 million.

Amounts customers can save under the Enhanced Care can vary depending on the type of coverage, driving experience, crash history, location, and what the vehicle is used for.

More information on ICBC’s Enhanced Care can be found on its website.