Northern Lights College kicks off new school year with dinosaur trip

TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – Students at Northern Lights College began their fall semester with a field trip to Tumbl…

TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – Students at Northern Lights College began their fall semester with a field trip to Tumbler Ridge, getting an up close look at the dinosaur gallery and local track sites.

Two tours took place, and one at the local track site, with students from both the North and South Peace taking part. Pauline Casselman, the college’s student experience officer, says the student association is to thank for making the museum trip happen.

“They loved it. They actually got to uncover some fossils and such. At the museum they got a behind the scenes tour, it was really cool,” said Casselman. “We were very fortunate to have Dr. Charles Helm there, and take part in the track site tour. He decided to do some digging.”

Helm is a founding member of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and has helped to uncover numerous fossil discoveries in the area.

“It was beautiful. Even the trip there, a lot of students haven’t been on that trip, the scenery is so different from Fort St. John and Dawson Creek when you go out to Tumbler,” Casselman. “It’s on our back doorstep and we take it for granted I think sometimes.”

Barbecues were also hosted last week in Dawson Creek and Fort St John to welcome students and staff back to campus.

“It was a lot of fun, people stayed around. We had games like bocce ball and other things to keep people engaged while they were there,” said Casselman, noting several businesses and organizations stepped up to help with the festivities.

“It’s really good for a lot of our students to feel welcome to the community by having the community out and engaging with them,” she added.

Candidates are being sought for the students’ association, with nominations closing this Friday.

“We’re looking for students that want to get involved. They don’t need to be outgoing, but want to learn some leadership skills and do some fun activities for students,” said Casselman.

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