TAYLOR, B.C. – The Taylor Speedway capped off the 2021 season with the AGM on Saturday, recognizing the top drivers, volunteers and pit crews that competed this summer.

All things considered, Taylor Speedway President Kelly Hildebrand says the year went well.

“I think everybody was just super happy with everything. Things went perfectly as far as I’m concerned, ” said Hildebrand.

The weekend before, the Hit to Pass event, usually is scheduled for Father’s Day, drew nearly 600 spectators to fill the bleachers and any space that was available to sit on the grass.

“We had way more than I thought we would. They even stood in the neighbours’ fields or in vehicles, they were everywhere.”

The Hit to Pass event is exactly as it sounds; drivers have to bump, rub, or smack into the car ahead of them to pass. Hildebrand says, while it was carnage out there, nobody was injured.

“We were supposed to do a 50 lap main event, and we did 12 laps in an hour. The fans loved it, the fans were just going crazy. It didn’t matter if the car spun out, rolled over or crashed and banged, the fans love that kind of stuff. A couple of guys were a little stiff the next day, but other than that, nothing serious.”

It went so well, Hildebrand says the organizers are planning to repeat the year-end event next year in addition to holding the Father’s Day Hit to Pass on Father’s Day.

“It’s something we’ve got to look forward to next year again. We’ll have regular racing as usual, and we’ll have our Father’s Day Hit to Pass. Then, we’re really thinking about having a Hit to Pass in September again. It was a little cooler out, and it was darker, which was perfect for our fireworks.”

As the race season comes to a close at the Taylor Speedway, the club’s AGM offered a chance to elect the executive members, bring up possible changes to the speedway, and recognize the competitors and volunteers who made the season great.

“The same people are on the executive. We did bring up the fact that we had so many people at the Hit to Pass that we need to do some revamping next year for parking and stuff. We didn’t realize we were gonna have that many people.”

Below is a list of all the award winners for the 2021 Taylor Speedway season:

1st- Cody Willis

2nd- Megan Davis

3rd- Eddie Scarfo

Rookie of the year- Tyson LeClerc

1st- Chelsea Babcock

2nd- Jeremy LaFountain

3rd- Justin Tackaberry

1st- Richard Hildebrand

2nd- Erin Hall

3rd- Jamie Legal

1st- Johnny Beaumont

2nd- Dean Bell

3rd- Austin Duncan

4th- Russell Duncan

Rookie of the year- Austin Duncan

Volunteer of the year- AJ Everton

Sportsman of the year- Johnny Beaumont

Pit crew of the year- 88 Mini Stock crew

Helen and John Beaumont Memorial- Kelly Hildebrand

Keri Krahn Memorial for non-member- Dawn Gabert