FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – FSJ Council has released the local non-profits and churches requesting a permissive tax exemption for 2022.

Just under 35 non-profits and churches in the area have requested a permissive tax exemption totalling over just over $530,000.

In June 2020, the City changed the process, and ceased 50 per cent tax exemptions starting in January. Beginning next year, non-profits will cease to exempt 100 per cent of the tax portion.

The City will cover up to 75 per cent portion of the municipal property tax, which would be phased over five years with a five per cent reduction per year, starting January 2023.

City Council will be discussing the permissive tax exemption during a couple Committee of the Whole meetings, starting on Monday, September 20th.

Last year, the City granted over $680,000 in tax exemptions to just under 35 organizations.

The permissive tax exemption matrix can be found on the City’s website.