APPLE Schools: Fuel Up for Lunch

A new school year means new routines, and routines require embracing some positive habits. One of those new-sc…

A new school year means new routines, and routines require embracing some positive habits. One of those new-school-year habits includes packing a nutritious and wholesome (and delicious!) lunch. A healthy lunch should not be underestimated – just look at the benefits:

APPLE Schools supports 74 school communities, including two in the Fort St. John area, to facilitate change in students’ lifelong health behaviours. The initiative takes a comprehensive approach in targeting mental health, physical activity, and healthy eating using best-practice resources from experts. 

All three health pillars must be supported and work in conjunction with the others; and if the body isn’t receiving the required nutrition, it’s much harder to improve physical activity and mental health. 

Ensuring that children get a nourishing lunch that they actually enjoy each day doesn’t need to be complicated. With a few tweaks, the process should become smooth, habitual, and even enjoyable for you and the kids. 

Tips to pack a quick, tasty, and healthy lunch

Quick menu ideas

Adding a little intention into your meal planning can give your kids everything they need to feel fuelled up and energized to tackle each day!

Need more inspiration to promote healthy eating habits? Head to and check out the many available monthly campaigns that support just that.

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Information for this blog has been taken from Canada’s Dietary Guidelines and Alberta Health Services’ Make a Change One Meal at a Time resource list. 

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