CHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – While the golf season will last until the snow piles up on the fairways, the last official event of the season crowned the Lake Point Golf Club Championships on Sunday.

The men’s trophy was awarded to Justin McKinnon, the senior men’s trophy went to Lee Hartman, and the women’s trophy went to Victoria Szoo.

While Szoo works in the pro shop and has a ton of experience on the course, she wasn’t thrilled with her scores.

“I shot a 97 the first day and a 92 on the second day. That’s a little worse than usual, but I want to blame it a little bit on tournament jitters,” said Szoo. “The course is in beautiful condition, so I can’t blame it on the course.”

Some tough pin placements made for agony on a couple of greens, says Szoo.

“There were definitely some tougher pins. The greens were beautiful to see, and they were rolling really nicely. Just the pins they made a little harder for us. There were a couple that hurt my feelings, but other than that, pretty standard.”

By all accounts, turnout for this year’s club tournament was high, making for a great atmosphere on the course.

“I want to say two years ago, we had 12 people and this year we had over 40. It was a fantastic year for the championship. This event is totally dependent on what’s going on in the world. But this year, lots of people were here, so that worked out nicely for us.”

Being a club employee meant Szoo couldn’t always get away from her duties to compete, so she made the most of her opportunity this year.

“This is my first time winning it. I’ve competed once or twice in the last couple of years. I’ve worked here for ages and ages, so a lot of the time, work comes before the golf.”

With the last little bit of golf season remaining, Szoo says her favourite partner to play with is her dad.

“My whole family are golfers, so I got into it through them. I don’t get to play with my dad as much as I like, but when I do, we always have a blast.”

The course is in excellent condition, and plans are to have the course stay open until the weather gets too cold and snowy.

“Usually it’s around Thanksgiving, but it just depends when the snow flies. If it doesn’t fly until November, we will keep running as long as we can.”