Note: The numbers of total and new cases are provisional due to a delayed data refresh and will be verified once confirmed.

VICTORIA, B.C. – The Northern Health region added 294 cases over the weekend, including 64 from Sunday to Monday. There are 931 active cases in the region.

There are 41 people in hospital, 16 are in critical care.

No deaths were recorded over the weekend, keeping the total at 164.

In total, 9,936 cases have been recorded in the region, 8,823 of those have recovered.

There were 2,131 vaccine doses given since Friday, bringing the total dose count to 338,375. Of those, 156,423 are second doses.

The province added 1,984 cases over the weekend. From Friday to Saturday there were 823 cases, 641 from Saturday to Sunday, and 520 cases from Sunday to Monday. The active case count for B.C. is 5,825.

There are 278 people in hospital, 139 are in critical care.

Nine deaths were recorded across B.C., moving the total to 1,865.

Out of 175,142 cases in the province, 167,078 have recovered.

There were 34,454 vaccine doses given since Friday, moving the total dose count to 7,618,453. Of those, 3,634,614 are second doses.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help a local family after a husband and wife were hospitalized for COVID-19.

According to the GoFundMe, Tasha Lusk was flown to the hospital in Prince George on September 5th after developing a severe case of pneumonia and COVID-like symptoms, which was later confirmed to be COVID-19.

Lee Bazinet., Tasha’s husband, was later hospitalized after receiving the news that he was also positive for COVID-19.

The fundraiser has a goal of $8,000 and, as of September 13th, $2,830 has been raised.