Letter to the Editor: Follow up to ‘Dear People of the Peace’

It appears from some of the comments on my letter ‘Dear People of the Peace’ that further information is neces…

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It appears from some of the comments on my letter ‘Dear People of the Peace‘ that further information is necessary.

Several responders suggested I did not include those who had already contracted COVID in my calculations. Fewer than 5% of the population of BC have been diagnosed with COVID [1]. 5+45 (now 48) = half the population of the Peace is still vulnerable to infection.

Several appear to believe that the virus will magically stop infecting people at some random number. As a colleague observed: to the virus, we are just culture media. If you line the culture media up, the virus will infect. The recent report from the Public Health Agency of Canada reiterates this [2]. The blue line represents the modelling for BC should further reopening increase transmission by 25%. The astute will notice there is no plateau to that line. Congregating indoors unvaccinated and unmasked will increase transmission. Thus, those businesses in the Peace that value the health of their staff and customers and care enough to limit the burden on healthcare workers who are also their customers, should comply with Public Health directives to limit transmission. And the MP for Prince George – Peace River-Northern Rockies should be vocally supporting those directives.

Even a central premise of the Great Barrington Deception (GBD) was that, if the virus was allowed free spread, the entire susceptible population would be infected and thus acquire immunity [3]. The virus will not stop infecting until it runs out of culture media to infect. Those choosing to not vaccinate are choosing to be in the disease arm of the GBD. Thus they are chancing their arm against the 1 in 10 risk of hospitalization [4], the 1 in 10 risk of prolonged symptoms [5], and the 1 in 200 risk of death [6]. And their choice is exposing our elders, our vulnerable and our children to becoming collateral damage [7].

Several believed that the geography of the Peace would protect them and that they could somehow avoid contact with infected individuals. The test positivity rate in Northern Health is now at 20% [8]. This indicates that the actual case counts are an undercount and that there are many people in the community with the virus, who have chosen not to test [9]. The virus is already freely circulating in the community.

And, yes the vaccines do decrease the risk of infection [2] and do decrease the risk of transmission [10] and are far far safer than SARSCOV2 infection [11].

Several responders suggested I lacked evidence to support my assertions.

And to those who are calling the vet to try and obtain Ivermectin, just stop. It doesn’t work [12] and it is dangerous in the doses being used [13] and it could make your testicles shrink [14]. If you want to maximize your chances of avoiding severe COVID, #GetVaccinatedNow and help those around you get vaccinated.

Written by:

Dr. Paul Mackey
FP Anesthetist
Clinical Assistant Professor
UBC Family Practice Residency Program


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